AC Maintenance by Now

Now Air Conditioning is your trusted provider for comprehensive air conditioning tune-ups in Wellington, FL, and the surrounding areas. Our licensed technicians offer 24/7 tune-up services to keep your AC running smoothly and extend its lifespan.

Comprehensive Annual AC Maintenance

Invest in your family’s comfort with our preventive maintenance services. Our annual tune-ups include a detailed inspection of your entire air conditioning system, aimed at reducing costs, preparing your filters for the season, and boosting your unit’s efficiency.

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Detailed Cleaning and Inspection

  • Outdoor Coil Review
  • Cleaning of Blower, Electrical, and Compressor Compartments
  • Condensate Drain Examination
  • Air Filter Inspection, Cleaning, and Possible Replacement
  • Thermostat Testing
  • Line Inspections and Replacements as Necessary
  • Refrigerant Level Checks and Adjustments

Meticulous Electrical and Motor Maintenance

  • Inspection and Tightening of Electrical Connections
  • Compressor Contactor Inspection
  • Securing all Low Voltage Connections
  • Testing and Adjusting Capacitors
  • Motor Inspection and Lubrication
  • Bearing Inspection and Replacement if Needed
  • Fan Blade Inspection and Replacement if Necessary
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The Value of Regular AC Maintenance

Regular HVAC tune-ups are a small investment that yields significant returns in performance and longevity of your equipment. With annual tune-ups, you significantly reduce the need for major repairs, such as addressing a faulty capacitor that could lead to expensive compressor failures. Additionally, tuning your air conditioning to factory or near-factory specifications enhances energy efficiency, leading to lower utility bills.

Save with a Now Membership!

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  • Yearly HVAC inspection.
  • Yearly HVAC tune-up.
  • No dispatch fee ($99 savings).
  • Priority service for all appointments.
  • 24/7 emergency service.
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